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Like a girl

Amanda Collins

You run like a girl - heard that one lately?

Well, my girls are both great at sports, and so it occurred to me that if they DO run like a girl - and they do indeed - that means they run like:

Raelene Boyle, Cathy Freeman, Kerryn McCann, Sally Pearson, Melissa Breen, Betty Cuthbert, Sharelle McMahon, Nova Peris, ...

Need I say more?

So here's a rehearsal tape of me, and the fabulous Justin Gray on guitar, trying out my new song "You run like a girl". Clip to come - but I thought you'd like to hear an early version of it.

I wrote it originally for the Fitzroy Junior Football Club Idol Night - but it's really a love song to all of those gutsy women out there who do what they do. 

You run like a girl. Good for you.

Roygirl knees after a footy match - takes my breath away - she loves it

Roygirl knees after a footy match - takes my breath away - she loves it


Oh, and here's the lyrics:

You Run Like a Girl                                       Amanda Collins 2014


G  You’d be frightened by a lion                    most people would I guess

G  If you want something tougher                 check out a lioness

C  The Fitzroy girls are feisty                          they never give a yard

G  They play like Chelsea Randall                  They always go in hard                    

D Hey, you run like a girl                    Good for you

C You run as well as Betty Cuthbert  Used to do

D You run like a girl                            in your stride

G You run like a lion                           see our pride

G They Fly like Alisa Camplin                         Except they don’t have skis

G And when they pull their boots on            You know they won’t say please

C Alana Boyd jumps higher                            but then, she has a pole

G Inspired by Moana Hope                            they’ll kick as many goals

D Because you Kick like a girl             good for you

C You kick as straight as Lauren Burns         did in Sydney too

D You kick like a girl                            in your stride

G You kick like a maroon                    see our pride

G The Fitzroy girls are in it                             because they love the game

G And once they’ve touched that big red pill          they’ll never be the same

C And Fitzroy breeds ‘em gutsy                      they never miss a trick

G Tough like Aasta O’Connor                         A sweet and booming kick

D And hey, you mark like a girl          Good for you

C You Mark-it-like-Sus-an-Al-ber-ti    used to do

D You mark like a girl                          in your stride

G You mark like a gorilla                     see our pride


D You run like a girl                            good for you

C  Melissa Breen ,Kerryn McCann and Cathy Freeman too…

D You run like a girl                            in your stride

G You run like you're from Fitzroy                   see our pride!!!